• Do Gaming League

    South African Gaming League

    So the DGL is about to start up again and Veneration E-Sports will be competing in multiple leagues and platforms. Find out about the teams and players taking part on our DGL clan page

  • Afrihosts new years gift

    Providing the best for the best

    With new toys to help us in the new year VnR thanks Afrihost for backing us while we take to the battlefield. Providing all of our server needs. Find out more below ...

  • Proud Sponsors of Veneration e-Sports

    Volt Energy and Afrihost

    Volt Energy and Afrihost have been with us from the start and have never looked back. Keeping us online and energized, we are in good shape to take on any challenge with these guys backing us...


Welcome to Veneration E-Sports

Home to some of South Africas top Esports competitors. VnR has been around for 2 strong years and are only getting stronger as time goes by. Looking to enter into the 2013 Do Gaming Championships and compete with the best in the country for everything they have got. 

We are excited to see what our players are capable off and what the new year holds for us.

  • BoWBO2
  • 2man
  • reckor
  • aequitas
  • XaXasPubScope
  • asperity